Look and Feel Younger with Juvederm

If you think about it, dermal fillers have changed the way we maintain natural youthfulness. There’s no surgery, no downtime, and you leave the spa or dermatologist’s office with instant, transformative results. Juvederm® has become the gold star of fillers for its wonderful versatility and impressive effects. It’s frustrating to see the general signs of aging slowly appear on our faces and the sun damage left behind, but Juvederm® can rejuvenate your skin. It can soften wrinkles and folds and add volume and lift to your sagging facial contours and thin lips in sheer minutes. What’s not to love?

Hyaluronic Acid

Juvederm® is a hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable that delivers smooth, natural-looking results. HA is a substance found in the human body that acts as a moisture magnet for the skin and keeps it hydrated. As we age, however, our hyaluronic acid levels drop off. Our faces sag, develop wrinkles and lose volume and integrity.

Juvederm® is a synthetic form of HA that is suitable for all skin tones and skin types. It does not require an allergy test before injections, and as a dermal filler, it offers similar plumping and hydration benefits like real HA.

Plumping Up the Volume

We all want to look as young as we feel, and Juvederm® excels in this way. A skilled aesthetic technician, for example, is able to structure, elevate and reposition your cheeks back to their youthful appearance. Adding the HA filler to the temples will also provide fullness and fill in hollows that come with aging.

The gel-like filler offers impressive plumping effects and can also be used to firm up the jowls, fill in vertical lip lines, and volumize thinning lips. Your face will look smoother and fuller after the injections. The temporary cosmetic solution has long-lasting results of one to two years depending on the type of Juvederm® filler chosen. After that time, additional injections are required to keep up the desired effect.

We all get older. Our cheeks flatten, and our faces sag. It happens to famous, glamorous faces, too. Juvederm® is an HA filler that can correct the general signs of aging and restore your youthful appearance. It’s simple, quick and doesn’t involve surgery or recovery. It’s an amazing injectable that is popular around the globe because it delivers the kind of natural results that keep people guessing. Others know you look great but can’t figure out how you’ve achieved an ageless look.

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