Do I Need to Have Two Separate Moisturizers for the Face and Body?

There are probably millions of moisturizers and lotions out there in the market; there’s something for the body, another one for the face, and there are even moisturizers aimed to improve the appearance of skin around the eye area. Here at our Nashville skin care practice, we get a lot of questions about the need to use different kinds of moisturizers.

Although we want you to save money on your skin care products by spending on quality products; when it comes to moisturizers, we encourage you to separately use one for the skin and one for the face. Here’s why: body moisturizers are generally greasier and heavier than facial moisturizers. Heavy moisturizers can clog the pores, aggravating existing irritation and acne. Thus, you need to choose the moisturizers designed for your face that are non-pore clogging, non-greasy, and specifically lightweight.

Choosing the Right Moisturizer at the Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa

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