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NeoGraft: A Premier Choice for Hair Restoration

NeoGraft® hair restoration is an FDA-approved process to harvest hair follicles for implantation into balding areas of the scalp. This is an automated version of the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure. The follicles of hair are extracted individually as opposed to the transplanted section technique used in the past. Once transplanted, the hair will grow at a normal rate. Pneumatic pressure is used for the extraction to ensure there is no damage to the graft. Due to the individual handling of each follicle, a scalpel is unnecessary.

A Closer Look at NeoGraft®

The hair is usually removed from the back of the scalp. This is where the healthiest follicles are generally located. The individual should see the growth of natural new hair in the months that follow. The hair appears more natural because it is extracted from the individual as opposed to a donor. The individual can choose to let the hair grow longer or keep it short. NeoGraft® is an excellent option for men and women. Continuous maintenance treatments are usually not required. The hair grows normally after the treatment has been completed.

The majority of products currently available for hair loss are only temporary. This procedure is not only permanent, but no surgery is required. If the individual has a pattern of baldness, more sessions may be necessary as time passes to replace the hair that has been lost in additional areas.

The Benefits of NeoGraft®

The most important aspects of any treatment for hair loss are the results, the immediate benefits, the future benefits and the growth of hair with a natural appearance. The immediate benefits include no real discomfort because a scalpel is not used. This also means the individual will not scar. The treatment is much faster than the other options, and less sessions are necessary to achieve optimal results.

This is an exceptional option for anyone who is unable to take the time out of their lives required for most hair restoration procedures. The procedure provides natural results that last for the long-term. The treatment is appropriate for individuals with both long and short hair.

The individual can also wear their hair in the popular buzz cut to effectively hide the area treated. As the hair begins to grow, it will all have the same appearance. The best candidates for this hair restoration procedure are in good health, have moderate to mild hair loss, are not losing hair due to a medical issue and have enough hair somewhere else on the scalp to enable an extraction.

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