Protect Your Skin During the Summer Months

Summer is a wonderful time of year for getting out, enjoying fun in the sun with friends and shedding that extra winter clothing. When shedding those layers it is important to remember to practice diligent sun protection as well as to prepare your skin for the heat.

One of the most common tips you’ll hear from TV commercials, friends and your physician is to wear sunscreen. This point cannot be stressed greatly enough. Sunscreen should be used year round, but especially so in the summer months when sun exposure is high and the rays are bright.

When shopping for a sunscreen be sure to buy one that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Each of these types of rays can be damaging, causing skin cancer, and burns. However, not all over the counter sunscreens protect your skin against both types. An easy shopping tip is to look for sunscreens advertised as mineral sunscreens, these products often offer dual protection.

If you’re concerned about extra oil on your skin from extensive sunscreen application – consider spending a bit more to buy an additional product specially suited for your face, sensitive skin or other areas prone to breakouts. There are a number of thin, light products on the market today that are perfect under makeup but powerful against the sun.

If you’re planning to spend hours in the sun on any given day, did you know that you can “prep” your skin for extra UVA/UVB fighting? If you’re headed to the beach for a vacation, rather than engage in dangerous artificial tanning to achieve a “base” begin prepping your skin with extra SPF applications to build up the supply of sun-fighting ingredients in your skin. This practice will help you avoid nasty burns and perhaps the long-term effects of premature aging and even skin cancer.