Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a common concern that many patients struggle with. It can be embarrassing and make it difficult to enjoy and engage in everyday life because you are constantly concerned about visible sweat stains. Thankfully, the FDA has approved an effective prescription topical treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis known as Qbrexza.

What is Qbrexza?

In the past, when clinical-strength antiperspirants were unsuccessful, alternative solutions were often expensive, limited,  or uncomfortable. Luckily, many patients have experienced great improvements with non-invasive Qbrexza.

Qbrexza is a widely-studied and proven effective topical treatment for minimizing the uncomfortable symptoms associated with excessive sweating. Prescriptions come in convenient, individually-packed cloths for daily at-home use. They are intended to be used once a day in order to reduce underarm sweat to a minimum. The secret to treatment success is the active ingredient it contains known as glycopyrronium, which is an anticholinergic. This ingredient actively works to put a stop to sweat. With this simple and effective remedy, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable underarm sweat and start enjoying life again.

How Does it Work?

Since Qbrexza requires a prescription, you must first schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced professionals to determine if you are a proper candidate for treatment. Qbrexza towelettes intended use is one wipe for two underarms. Once applied, treatments work to block the receptors that are responsible for the activation of sweat glands and sweat production. This is because, the active anticholinergic ingredients block the signal from binding to sweat glands. It is applied topically once a day for a comfortable and convenient relief from underarm sweat.  Qbrexza has been found to be effective and tolerable for many patients,  even patients as young as 9 years old.  With this innovative remedy, you can eliminate hyperhidrosis without painful treatments or possible side effects.


Because Qbrexza is applied topically, it avoids harmful or uncomfortable side effects associated with many oral medications. There is also no need for uncomfortable needle injections like with alternative treatments including BOTOX. It is simply applied once a day and offers a safe solution for noticeably less underarm sweat.

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If you are like many of our patients searching for a non-invasive treatment for putting an end to excessive sweating, Qbrexza could benefit you. Reach out to the caring professionals here at Gold Skin Care Center to learn more. Contact us today and schedule your consultation towards improved well-being!