Skin Rejuvenation Just in Time for Summer

Do the warmer months have you preparing for days at the beach and time outdoors? If your body is in less than perfect shape or simple less perfect than you’d like, consider fractional photothermolysis treatment today. Also known as fractional laser resurfacing, this treatment is a new way of revitalizing your skin from within.

Fractional lasersThis treatment uses a laser light to treat the skin where needed, while leaving the surrounding skin untouched. Similar treatments often damage skin that is unintended for treatment. With the non-ablative fractional lasers, small zones of tissue are heated under the skin, leaving skip areas next to the damaged areas, and over time new collagen is formed in the areas treated, making the skin smoother, tighter, and with better texture and tone.

Fractional lasers are at the cutting edge of skin resurfacing technology. Dr. Gold is proud to offer this treatment to patients that are ready for significant improvement to their skin – without surgery.

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