Smooth Your Shape with VelaShape

Smooth Your Shape with VelaShapeDo you wish that there were a quick, effective, non-surgical solution for smoothing your skin and appearance?  Don’t spend another moment wishing you could smooth and tighten your skin. Dr. Gold is proud to now offer VelaShape, a tool that uses radiofrequency as well as infrared light energy to smooth your skin and reduce the size of fat cells below the surface.

The results of using VelaShape include a gradual smooth of your skin’s surface with a noticeable reduction in cellulite as well as circumferential reduction of the treatment area. VelaShape targets and heats fatty tissues beneath the surface of your skin, and then safely vacuums them out – helping reveal a smooth and sleek figure.

While you will see noticeable results after just one treatment, Dr. Gold may recommend additional treatments for optimal results.  Full results will reveal themselves once collagen is fully stimulated, within 6-8 weeks after your final treatment.

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