The Many Benefits of Skin Tightening Treatments

Skin tightening has quickly become one of the most popular treatments at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville. Many people ask, “How can I optimize my results? How quickly will I see results? How long will my results last?” All of these are great questions. As many of you may already know, most skin tightening treatments are performed with radio frequency, such as ThermiSmooth or InMode Forma. This type of heat causes a response in your tissue that tightens, firms, and shrinks. As I have stated before, the response is similar to one of bacon to heat as it goes from raw to cooked in a skillet.

What Can You Do to Make Skin Firming Successful?

One of the first things to remember is to stay hydrated. As if we need a little science lesson recap, water is a great conductor of heat. When your body is hydrated, the radio frequency is conducted faster and better to achieve optimal results. Also, maintaining a healthy weight is an important factor. When we gain weight, our skin accommodates that excess tissue, therefore stretching it to the point that is sometimes hard to bounce back from.

Remember to keep your skin moisturized so it is more pliable and flexible to be able to withstand minor fluctuations of weight, and keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays that can cause damage to your underlying structure of your skin.

Many skin firming procedures, including Alma Accent V-Shape also provide a slight amount of fat reduction, as well. By heating those fat cells, some become weak and pierced by the heat, therefore spilling out their contents. In turn, your body rids itself of those contents by flushing them through your body’s natural filter, your lymphatic system. This is another big reason for staying hydrated during and after a skin tightening treatment. If we are eating fatty, sugary foods, or consuming alcohol, our lymphatic system focuses on those toxins and begins ridding your body of that content first. We want your system to be solely focused on ridding your body of fat and staying hydrated for the most effective skin tightening treatment in Nashville.

Exercise is also beneficial to your success with reduced skin sagging. Although not required, building muscle under the skin you wish to have tightened will cause some of that skin to become taught through the building of muscle volume that skin is surrounding. So, always keep that in mind when trying to optimize skin firming treatment results. Not to mention, you just feel better and are healthier and stronger when building muscle!

How Many Skin Firming Sessions Will You Need?

These treatments should be performed anywhere from every week to every other week, depending on the treatment protocol for each specific device. The stacking or accumulation of these treatments being performed in a condensed time frame causes the body to stay in that recovery mode or inflammatory response that causes the tightening and firming to occur.

Most patients need anywhere from four to eight skin tightening treatments at Gold Skin Care Center in Tennessee, with six being the most common. If you have a more difficult area of skin laxity, more treatments would be more beneficial. The majority of patients begin to see their results, if following recommendations, after their third treatment. Results will continue to improve for up to four months after completing your final treatment in Nashville.

Get Skin Tightening Treatment Today

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