The Best Cosmetic Treatments You Can Do at Home

Tennessee Anti-Aging Skin Therapy DevicesAre there times you want to come to the office for your scheduled laser hair removal appointment or body tightening service, but life happens and you can’t make it in? Are you interested in receiving one of those treatments but the thought of another person seeing your exposed skin mortifies you? Not every office location is ideal to get to, especially for those who live several miles out from Nashville or any other major city. Luckily, with today’s technology, there are options for achieving in-office results from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Below we have listed several at-home skincare devices that use the same technology found in our Gold Skin Care Center in-office procedures to help you achieve your desired skin care goals.

Best At-Home Cosmetics Devices


At-Home Skincare Treatment TennesseeAre you looking for an affordable home regimen to help rebuild the 1-2% of collagen our skin loses every year after the age of 30? This loss of collagen is what causes sagging and wrinkled skin. We now have a safe and effective at-home skin tightening device at Gold Skin Care Center to offer our Nashville patients! The Newa at-home radio frequency (RF) device is the most advanced skin tightening treatment available for at-home use.

Newa uses 3deep RF professional medical technology that has been clinically proven to tighten the skin and stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production, which will make your skin appear tighter, plumper, more radiant, and younger looking. When collagen is increased in the skin you will notice a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and your skin will become tightened, lifted, smoother, and firmer. Newa at-home skin tightening treatments are comfortable, safe, pain-free, and very relaxing.

Newa 3deep technology safely delivers effective and non-evasive RF energy 3 layers deep into your skin without pain. The 3deep RF energy is mild and safe as it heats the skin tissue, stimulating the renewal of collagen. Newa at-home treatments are easy to perform and at least 3-5 treatments a week are recommended for a 1 month period. Each treatment only takes 4 minutes!

After using Newa consistently for 1 month, maintenance treatments are recommended twice a week.  RF energy has been used for skin tightening in medical aesthetic facilities for many decades and is a proven safe and effective technology.

Silk’n Flash & Go Express

Tennessee Light Therapy Hair RemovalThe Silk’n Flash & Go Express is the newest at-home laser hair removal device. This laser is proven to be effective and can treat the entire body in 20 minutes or less! This at-home laser device uses light energy that is drawn to pigmentation, which means that the pigmentation of the hair shaft absorbs the light, transfers it into heat, and disables the hair growth. Throughout this process, the skin is left untouched!

The Flash & Go Express is safe for most skin types and is proven most effective on light skin and dark hair. The Flash & Go has a safety feature built into the device allowing it to detect if the skin is too dark to safely treat. If the skin has too much pigment the laser will not “fire” the pulse of light.

Typically, patients see results in about six treatments. Each treatment is spaced two weeks apart for the first six treatments, followed by once a month or as needed after that. During your six treatments, you will notice the hair will start to appear softer, thinner, and eventually stop growing. Patients who have used the Flash & Go saw an average 92% reduction in hair growth!


ClarisonicTennessee Anti-Aging Skincare Device brushes are one of the most well-known at-home skincare devices. Clarisonic brushes have been around for many years and effectively cleanse the skin 6Xs better than a person can do with just hands alone. Clarisonic brushes have always helped to improve acne, acne scarring, and the overall texture of the skin.

Now, Clarisonic is introducing the Smart Profile Uplift! In just 12 weeks, the Smart Profile Uplift will help to improve 15 different signs of aging including firmness, sagging skin, and facial wrinkles! The Smart Profile Uplift can be used up to twice a day starting with the cleansing brush head followed by the firming massage brush head and is safe to use on the face, neck, and décolleté.

Get Your At-Home Skincare Devices at Gold Skin Care Center

In conclusion, no matter what the skincare predicament, there is an at-home device catered to your needs. You can save the gas money spent coming in for treatments and be hair-free before that spring break vacation. Want to get rid of that unwanted hair before your next beach vacation? Senior pictures coming up? Family portraits? You can help your skin be picture perfect, smoother, tighter, and ready for the upcoming seasons with all of the available options of today’s technology.

Schedule an appointment or stop by Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville to learn more about these cutting-edge devices and which is best suited to your skincare needs. Contact us online or call (615) 645-2314

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