Tips and Products for Healthy Air Travel

Tennessee Professional Dermatology Skin ProductsAir travel is stressful, which can have an adverse impact on your skin and health. During the holidays, the stress of air travel and cold weather can wreak havoc on your body in multiple ways, such as through colds, flus, severely dry skin, and nosebleeds. Additionally, the holiday season is primetime for joint, bone, and/or skin inflammation!

It’s not surprising that we succumb to these conditions when subjected to air travel. After all, when flying on a plane, we’re constantly subjected to dehumidified air (equal to that of dry summer weather) continuously being re-circulated throughout the cabin.

Nashville board-certified dermatologist Dr. Gold and the expert cosmetic dermatology staff at Gold Skin Care Center understand the complications that air travel can have on your skin and health. To help you avoid dry, flaky skin that looks sallow and dull, we want to share with you proper preparation tips – and provide you with skin care products that are offered exclusively at Gold Skin Care Center. Read on for more information!

The Problems with Air Travel on Skin

Although dehumidified and recycled air greatly contributes to dry skin, there are other ways that air travel can negatively affect your skin. Some of these factors include the following:

  • Lack of movement
  • Unhealthy airline food in many cases
  • Stress of traveling
  • Lack of rest
  • Disruption of biological clock when switching time zones

Because of these issues, you should prepare your skin care regimen before you even step on the airplane!

Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Healthy Before and During Air Travel

1. Now is Not the Time for Something New

Anti-aging & Acne treatment in NashvilleThe number one rule for air travel? Don’t use any products that your skin isn’t used to! If you try new products from the airport shop or hotel, they can cause rashes, irritation, and dryness. The convenience of airport skincare products doesn’t outweigh the negative consequences they may have on your body!

2. Cleanse Your Face

Cleaning your face is especially important if you’re on a longer flight. Try cleaning your face at least once prior to departure. Before disembarking, wash your face with a gentle skin cleanser and apply moisturizer. These simple steps will help your skin stay hydrated and refreshed.

One cleanser that we highly recommend is the Beta Enzyme Cleanser by ilissa by Gold, MD (created by our very own Dr. Gold!). This product’s unique combination of salicylic acid and papaya enzymes is ideal for:

  • Moisturizing dry, aging skin
  • Stimulating new skin cell production
  • Delivering clearer, fresher-looking skin

3. Moisturize Properly

If you’re like many people, you apply moisturizer only when your skin is dry. However, this isn’t as efficient as you might think – and it’s especially worse in the extra dry environment of an airplane cabin.

The key is to apply moisturizer to damp skin, such as just after showering. If you’re confined to an airplane and would like to apply some moisturizer, we recommend visiting the bathroom and splashing water on your skin. Apply the moisturizer after blotting it partially dry.

To moisturize your skin, we recommend hydrating with SPF 45 Tinted Moisturizer Medium by ilissa. This multi-function moisturizer with sun protection is effective for:

  • Providing moisture to needy skin
  • Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Leaving skin your radiant and healthy-looking

If you prefer a lighter shade of moisturizer that provides the same benefits, there’s also SPF 45 Tinted Moisturizer Light.

4. Eat well and Avoid Too Much Alcohol and/or Caffeine

Tennessee Travel Skincare HydrationYou already know how bad airplane food can be in so many cases, so we recommend eating as little of it as possible. Avoid foods with lots of sugar and carbohydrates, too, as they can lead to dry skin and/or acne breakouts. Bring healthy snacks so you can satiate hunger pangs, helping you avoid airplane meals entirely.

Although it’s often easy to indulge in alcohol or coffee (or both) on a flight, we recommend that you stick to a clean, healthy diet. Instead, drink plenty of water to keep yourself – and, by extension, your skin – more hydrated.

To help keep your skin clean and healthy too, clear away the buildup of dead skin cells that lead to uneven skin texture and acne, we recommend using the Pore Refining Toner from illisa by Gold, MD. This skincare product penetrates deep to tighten pores, soothe skin, and improve skin texture.

5. Ignore the Surrounding Environment and Get Some Rest

Like many people, you may have a story or two about bad airplane travel noise and annoying passengers. These distractions can affect your ability to rest, which can manifest itself as dark circles around your eyes or as frown lines on your forehead.

Getting rest is important for good skin health, so we recommend using earplugs to cancel out any environmental noise. If you have a cover for your eyes, put it on so you’ll be able to sleep better. If possible, if you are on a long flight, it is helpful for blood circulation to keep your feet elevated as well as standing up and stretching when it is safe to do so.

In addition to rest, we recommend Dr. Gold’s illisa Anti-Aging Serum, a gentle retinol formula with soothing botanical agents and vitamins A, C, and E to keep your skin looking young and healthy. The serum improves skin and helps promote collagen growth.

Final Tips for Even More Effective Skin Care and Good Health During Air Travel

If you know you’re going to arrive during daylight hours, especially in the morning, it’s beneficial to apply sunscreen or use skin care products with broad-spectrum sun protection. Lastly, we recommend that you carry and use sanitizing wipes and/or hand sanitizer.

For More on These and Other Air Travel Tips, Contact Gold Skin Care Center

Make your air travel experience less stressful on your skin by following these skin care and health recommendations. To find out more, schedule a consultation with the cosmetic dermatology team at Gold Skin Care Center today!