UltraShape is a non-invasive treatment that addresses excess fatty deposits in certain parts of the body. Many of Dr. Gold’s patients in Nashville, Tennessee seek this procedure because of its safety and effectiveness. The procedure involves breaking down of fat cells using pulsed ultrasound waves.. These pulsed ultrasound waves target the subcutaneous layer where fat cells are stored, without damaging surrounding tissues and nerves.

What are the advantages of UltraShape?

Many of Dr. Gold’s patients prefer UltraShape to reduce the amount of fat in certain areas in their bodies because of its various benefits. The treatment is a mechanical ultrasound, meaning heat or cold is not used during treatment. The treatment is non-invasive, which means it does not involve any incisions, but it is also safe and effective, providing significant results in just a few weeks.

What happens during my UltraShape appointment?

Once Dr. Gold has confirmed your eligibility for the procedure, you will prepare for the actual treatment. The UltraShape procedure does not involve any anesthesia; it is rather painless according to most of our patients in Nashville.

During the procedure, a handpiece is rolled across the skin’s surface as it emits ultrasound waves that are able to break down fat cells. The procedure is usually completed in less than an hour. Immediately after the procedure, some redness may be noticed in the treated areas fades within a few hours after treatment.

What results are expected from UltraShape?

Dr. Gold usually recommends three treatment sessions of UltraShape to achieve optimal results. After three sessions, most of our patients in Nashville report an average of 4cm reduction in the circumference of the treated areas. Although this is so, results from UltraShape, as with any other non-invasive procedure, can vary for every individual.

To learn more, please visit UltraShape.com.

When will the results from my UltraShape treatment show?

Typically, the effects from broken-down fat cells are noticed after two to four weeks, as this is the amount of time that the body clears the destroyed fat cells. A reduction in the circumference and fat thickness becomes noticeable 14 to 28 days after treatment. Meanwhile, the final, maximum results are usually noticed within 28 days after the final treatment.