Under Skin Products – Will They Work For You?

u.sk Under SkinOne of the many perks of working for Advanced Aesthetics at Gold Skin Care Center is the amount of new skincare products we get to learn about and try. A few months back, we received a product line called Under Skin. This was a skincare line that none of us had ever heard of. Right away all the aestheticians were intrigued by the products. They were packaged beautifully and smelled wonderful, but I have to say we were a bit skeptical on how this product line would perform. After all, not one of us had heard of the line before and we were very curious if it would “pass our test.”

What is Under Skin and How Can It Help You?

Under Skin was founded in 2015, and is now making its way to the US. “Under Skin’s mission is to introduce innovative, high-performance products and technology to the dermatologist through international science and design, allied with luxurious sensory experience to provide health, beauty and lifestyle to our consumers.” We would say that Under Skin has accomplished their mission. After using the products for a few weeks, all of us had positive feedback and saw great results. We found Under Skin to be effective and cosmetically elegant. As a team, we picked our top 4 favorite Under Skin products to make their first appearance in the US, right here at Advanced Aesthetics!

Perfect Rice Scrub

This wonderful scrub contains tiny granules of rice gentle enough for daily use on even sensitive skin. With added ingredients of olive oil flower extract and Colloidal Avena, our patients never have to worry about the scrub drying their skin out. Almost 20% of patients have seen an improvement in their melasma after starting use of the product. The amount of exfoliation this scrub provides is ideal for patients with clogged pores, those who are acne prone, or individuals with pigmented skin.

Pearl & Caviar Elixir

This product is made to create cell renewal. Key ingredients pearl and caviar extract work together to restore key vitamins such as A,C &E in the skin. This product will help to moisturize the skin, prevent elasticity and it even helps to control hyperpigmentation! Recent studies show 100% perception in wrinkles and expression lines in the periorbital area, 95% perception on improvement in elasticity and 90% improvement in skin texture!

Diamond Elixir


This product is designed promote cellular longevity, meaning it uses key ingredients such as diamond nanoparticles to restores the skin’s DEJ (Dermal Epidermal Junction). The DEJ is where the epidermis meets the dermis; in other words, this is where cells break down and wrinkles are formed. This is the perfect product to apply around the eyes and lip lines twice a day to help promote cellular longevity and firm up fine lines and wrinkles.

Advanced Hydra

This unique product can be used for patients who have concerns of texture, pigmentation, exfoliation, and moisture. This treatment product has a blend of Glycolic, Lactobionic, Malic, Mandelic, and Lactic acids with hyaluronic acid for moisture. UnderSkin’s patented Pro Skin Calming Complex is also included to reduce any potential irritation from the blend of acids, so the skin can receive the full benefit of use without hypersensitivity. Patients will see an improvement in skins texture, increased cell renewal, as well as fine lines and wrinkles reduced.

Please join us on August 22 from 9:00am-4:00pm for the launch of this new product. Our four aestheticians will be happy to help you find the perfect Under Skin product to enhance your skincare regimen!

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