Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo Treatment and Symptoms

If you have vitiligo, then you are probably looking for a solution to a skin condition that seems to have no rhyme or reason. Thankfully, modern vitiligo treatment has many different options for you to consider. We understand that finding a vitiligo treatment that will work for you is a top priority. You shouldn’t have to live the rest of your life dealing with the signs and symptoms of this condition. We are happy to have access to cutting-edge vitiligo treatments that could change your life.

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes your skin to lose pigment, which leads to white patches on your skin. To date, no one is sure what causes vitiligo, although researchers have found that vitiligo is more common in people who have autoimmune diseases. It might also be genetic.
True for most skin conditions, you are more likely to develop white patches on skin that is exposed to the sun. Vitiligo patches are known to spread, cause hair to prematurely grey, and affect the eyes, mouth, and nose. While vitiligo can lead to self-consciousness, the skin condition itself is not harmful – but that doesn’t mean that you just have to live with vitiligo.Treatments for vitiligo include topical and oral medications. Not every treatment is right for everyone. Some have side effects, and some take a long time. Some do not always work.

Vitiligo Treatment

There are various treatments for vitiligo that are available to you. Not every vitiligo treatment is right for everyone, and some treatments are temporary fixes, especially for vitiligo that has a tendency to spread. Here are some of the best treatment options available today:


You might consider non-medical treatments such as makeup, self-tanner, and skin dyes. Cosmetic options are a safe, but temporary way to make vitiligo less noticeable. Cosmetic treatments are often recommended for children since they are low on side effects.

Topical Medicine

Medicine applied directly to the skin is a good option for vitiligo in small areas. There are different topical medicines that can add color to your skin.

Oral Medicine

This vitiligo treatment uses oral medication that must be taken as directed for optimal results.

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