The Wanderlust Girl’s Guide to Skin Care

Traveling is one of the most enriching life experiences one could have. However, here at our Nashville skin care practice, we understand that keeping up with a skin care routine (add in the damaging elements of constant exposure to wind, pollution, irritants, etc.) may be difficult if you’re a wanderlust who is constantly on the road. Not to worry, we have listed below valuable skin care advice while traveling!

1. Know your destination’s climate. This will help you figure out which products to pack. Are you heading somewhere with dry weather? You might want to go for heavy moisturizers and leave the lightweight moisturizers at home. Or are you expecting humid weather on your next trip? Exfoliants should be a must!

2. Know the basics. Packing may be a difficult chore for most girls but if you’re the type who is already familiar with the basics of skin care, packing woes are less likely to occur. You’re actually good to go with a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and a good sunscreen!

3. Find travel-size versions of your favorite skin care products or look for products that have dual functions, say a moisturizer slash sunscreen!

4. Eat and drink healthy. Healthy eating is often overlooked during travel. This should not be the case as half of glowing and youthful skin stems from the inside and what you eat. Specifically, drink lots of water and limit your alcohol consumption as it could only make your skin dry and dull-looking.

Are you traveling soon? Why not set up an appointment with us before your travel date? We’ll help you come up with a wanderlust-friendly skin care routine! Schedule an initial consultation by calling (615) 645-2314 or by filling out this contact form.