We Were Sold on the Co2LIFT!

By Laura Bart, Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa

Our laser and spa teams went to the Music City SCALE (Symposium for Cosmetic Advances & Laser Education) meeting on March 17-20 to learn about advancements in our industry. What stood out the most to us is a treatment called the Co2LIFT, and we’re now offering this treatment to our patients in Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa.

The Co2LIFT is great to do the day of a big event because there is no downtime and you get instant improvement. The treatment is relaxing, has no pain, and is safe for all skin types. The treatment is also safe to use for women who are pregnant and nursing.

At SCALE, we see many demonstrations of injectables and laser devices every year. We were intrigued by the Co2LIFT. Usually demos of facials and products are done in the exhibit hall, but the Co2LIFT was done for everyone to see. We had never gotten the opportunity to see a treatment like this on “the big screen.”

The demo patient was seated in an exam chair. An aesthetician applied a dark, paste-like product all around her face. The application only took 5 minutes, then the patient was left to relax for 45 minutes while other treatments were performed at the meeting. After 45 minutes, the aesthetician removed the Co2LIFT mask with tongue depressors very carefully so it would come off easier in one big piece. This easy and pain-free removal took 5 minutes. The patient seemed relaxed and very pleased with her results. Her whole face was improved! Her fine lines and wrinkles were minimized, and the texture of her skin was extremely smooth and appeared flawless. Her results were as good as some of the other treatments we saw at SCALE, but with less pain and no downtime. We were very impressed!

The aesthetician who did the treatment said the results would last about a week. The recommended number of treatments is one per week for 6 weeks, then a treatment can be done every month for maintenance. The more treatments a patient receives, the longer the results will last.

After this demo, many medical spas and cosmetic practices requested more information. We think this will be a very popular treatment in Nashville, especially for our patients who know we are always looking for immediate, painless results. We’re so thrilled to offer this treatment to you and are sure you will love the results just like we loved them during this demo and for the patients we have treated so far.

If you are interested in learning more about the Co2LIFT and how it can improve your confidence, call our licensed aestheticians at Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa at 615-383-3807 or email