Medical Aesthetics

What Does Medical Aesthetics Really Mean?

You have probably heard the term medical aesthetics and may be wondering exactly what that might entail. Gold Skin Care Center has put together the following information to take some mystery out of the phrase and help you become better aware of what medical aesthetics means and how you may benefit from it.

Medical Aesthetics: What It Encompasses

Any medicine or medical procedure specializing in or intended to improve cosmetic appearance is encompassed by the term “medical aesthetics.” There are a wide range of treatments and therapies available from a medical aesthetician, including procedures intended to reduce, reverse, or otherwise minimize signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots, or loose and sagging skin.
It can also refer to treatments related to dermatological conditions or defects (such as acne or prominent birthmarks) and can also include procedures intended to disguise or diminish the evidence of surgical procedures. This area of practice is also involved in the treatment of excess fat or cellulite, stretch marks, or other skin damage caused by obesity or rapid weight loss. There are even laser-based treatments to diminish or erase the appearance of scars, spider veins and other venous defects (such as varicose veins), unwanted hair, and skin discoloration.

What Do Medical Aestheticians Do?

Medical aestheticians focus on advanced treatments intended to beautify and repair the skin. These treatments can include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, skin rejuvenation, and various laser treatments intended to depilate the skin and remove unwanted pigmentation or the fine red or purple lines called spider veins that result from weakened or damaged vascular tissue. Medical aestheticians may also assist physicians in the application of injectable cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers, and more treatment options are being developed all the time.
The field of medical aesthetics is a professional, certified practice, and medical aestheticians require extensive training in order to safely and effectively administer the various treatments in their field. They are knowledgeable in the anatomy of the skin, in the application of chemical and laser treatments, and are constantly studying emerging new products and procedures to stay informed about the latest techniques and technology.

What Kind of Treatments Can a Medical Aesthetician Perform?

Many of the treatments performed by a medical aesthetician are highly technical and require advanced knowledge. For instance, chemical peels require extensive familiarity with the anatomy and specific characteristics of the skin to ensure successful and ideal outcomes. Recent advances combine treatments such as chemical peels or laser treatments with microdermabrasion or a combination of these treatments and dermal needling procedures. A well-trained medical aesthetician with up-to-date knowledge of these techniques is your best option for success with aesthetic treatments.

Learn What Medical Aesthetics Can Do for You

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