What Parts of the Face Can Sculptra Treat?

Sometimes feeling good means looking good, but it can be difficult to feel that you look good if you keep zeroing in on the visible signs of aging you can see on your face. There’s no denying that one of the first places aging likes to leave its mark is on your face, and for many women, that can feel like aging has a diminishing effect on your aging. Fortunately, the experts at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN know that one of the best and most effective anti-aging treatments is Sculptra, a revolutionary dermal filler.

What Parts of the Face Can Sculptra Treat?

Sculptra makes itself stand out from the crowd of dermal filler by the sheer fact that it can be used on multiple areas of the face. One of the major drawbacks of other fillers is that the treatments can only be used on specific areas of the face, such as only the cheeks or only around the eyes.

This revolutionary dermal filler stands in defiance of that pattern with its ability to be used on virtually every area of the face, including:

  • Cheekbones
  • Cheeks
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Chin
  • Under-eyes

In practical terms, what this means for you and your beauty goals is that this is one filler that can accomplish the majority of your anti-aging concerns at one time, which may mean you no longer have to combine treatments to achieve your ideal aesthetic. You can think of this filler as your all-in-one solution for all of your anti-aging woes.

Other Sculptra FAQs

1. How Does Sculptra Work?

Like any other dermal filler, this treatment has a goal of plumping the skin and restoring skin volume to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin elasticity associated with aging. This is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that consists only of the injection of special chemical serums into the sub-dermal layers of skin to lift and restore skin to a more youthful appearance. The treatment itself is not painful and generally takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

However, your treatment will likely consist of at least 2 to 3 treatment sessions. Depending on the exact severity of your age-related skin concerns, you may require more treatments to achieve your ideal results. The exact number of your treatments will be determined by one of our aesthetic professionals based on the analysis of your skin done during your consultation appointment.

2. What Does Poly-L Lactic Acid Do?

The key to this treatment–and what helps it stand out from other dermal fillers–is the uniqueness of the chemical formula of its serum. This filler uses poly-L lactic acid, which is a synthetic, biodegradable, and biologically-compatible substance that helps stimulate the production of collagen for a substantial amount of time.

Poly-L lactic acid works gradually over time to build up collagen production; this is done by the body slowly absorbing and metabolizing the acid, which eventually stimulates the body’s natural regenerative abilities and can restore youthful vitality and plumpness to the skin. Additionally, Poly-L lactic acid can help beautify the surface of the skin, largely because the increased collagen production will also be evident in the new radiance and health of the skin surface.

3. Is Poly-L Lactic Acid Different From Lactic Acid in Chemical Peels and Skincare Products?

Yes. If you’ve had a chemical peel before, you’ve probably had the option of using lactic acid; similarly, if you use certain OTC skincare products, you might have noticed that lactic acid is an active ingredient. However, the lactic acid that you might be familiar with is very different from poly-L lactic acid.

For one thing, lactic acid is a naturally-occurring compound that can be found in foods like milk, and can even be found in the body, as it is associated with recovery with the body’s natural healing response. Poly-L lactic acid, on the other hand, is man-made and synthetically derived, which means it’s crafted in a lab. However, just like lactic acid, Poly-L lactic acid is compatible with the human body can and can stimulate the body’s regenerative abilities.

4. How Many Vials Will You Need?

The number of vials you need to achieve your aesthetic goals with this treatment is directly related to the number of treatments you will require. Generally speaking, the number of treatments and vials you need will be determined by your age. For example, women in their 30s or 40s will only require 3 or 4 vials, while women in their 50s and 60s will require 5 or 6 vials in total.

The number of vials you need will dictate how many treatment sessions you will need to attend. There is a strict limitation of only using 2 vials per treatment session, which means younger women may only need 2 sessions and mature women may need 3 or 4.

5. How Soon Can You Enjoy Results?

The results of this treatment are truly gradual. While some fillers and injectable treatments will have near-immediate results, this filler will require several weeks to begin showing results, and a few more weeks after that to reach optimal results that you can enjoy. For the majority of patients, results are evident 3 or 4 months after the first treatment sessions.

6. How Long Should Results Last?

While the gradual onset of this treatment may take some time, the longevity of the results is quite unlike any other dermal filler available to patients. Most patients can expect results to last for 2 to 3 years at a time, which is almost twice as long as the leading dermal filler treatment.

7. How Frequently Should You Have Treatments?

Because the results of this treatment last for so long, you won’t need to have treatments as frequently. After the initial round of treatments, you should not need to have a follow-up or touch-up treatment for at least 2 years. Many patients opt to have annual treatments every 1 or 2 years to maintain results for as long as possible.

8. Will You Need a Consultation?

Yes. Your first time using any cosmetic treatment will require a consultation so that you can familiarize yourself with the treatment process and the results you can expect from the treatment.

At your consultation for this treatment, we will examine your age-related skin concerns and gather certain information about your skincare habits, such as the anti-aging products you use. We will also answer any additional questions you have about the treatment at this time.

9. Should You Do Anything to Prepare for Treatment?

Yes. It’s standard practice for dermal fillers that patients will need to do some minor preparation to ensure that each treatment is successful. Before your appointment, we will give you a list of directions to follow to prepare for treatment, which may include:

  • Discontinue Retinol and acid products for 3 to 5 days before the appointment
  • Do not scrub, wax, or tweeze the face
  • Do not take blood-thinning medications 1 week before the appointment
  • Abstain from alcohol consumption 24 hours before the appointment


10. What Is Your Recovery Like?

There is no actual “recovery” time from this appointment. The vast majority of patients immediately return to their daily activities following the appointment,w which includes driving, work, errands, and childcare.

However, while you may return to normal activities, you will also be asked to follow a few directions to make sure your body absorbs the poly-L lactic acid well. Some of these instructions may include:

  • Stay out of direct sunlight for 1 week
  • No excessive heat or sweating for 5 to 7 days
  • Wash with mild soap and water
  • Do not scrub or exfoliate the skin
  • Temporarily discontinue Reintol and other acid products for 1 week

We may give you additional instructions to follow, such as how to use cold compresses on your skin or the best way to sleep after your treatment. If you have any questions or concerns after your treatment, please do not hesitate to contact our office directly.

11. Can You Combine This Treatment?

Yes. Just because you may not need to use multiple fillers to accomplish what Sculptra can do doesn’t mean you may not need or want to combine this filler with other treatments. In fact, combining this filler with other treatments is common, especially if your other appearance-related concerns are about superficial skin concerns that fillers simply can’t address.

Treatments that are commonly combined with this revolutionary filler include:

  • Neurotoxins, like Botox and Dysport
  • Laser treatments for acne and scarring
  • Laser treatments for skin tightening and resurfacing
  • Laser treatments for hair removal
  • Skincare products, such as Ilissa by Gold, MD


12. Is There a Best Time for Treatment?

Yes. Because this treatment takes several months to show results, we strongly encourage patients to schedule their initial treatment sessions at least 4 to 6 months before any important life events or engagements. By doing this, you can be sure that your results will be evident by the time your special occasion comes around.

13. Can You Do Anything to Prolong Results?

Yes. All anti-aging treatments are more effective and last longer when you can incorporate good skin care habits into your daily routine. This means cleansing, moisturizing, and fortifying your skin with products that are ideal for your skin type and skin concerns. Ask one of our expert staff about Ilissa by Gold, MD to learn more.

14. Why Should You Choose Sculptra?

There are several reasons why patients are choosing this dermal filler over others on the market. Some of these benefits are the long-lasting results and the versatility of which areas of the face the filler can be used. Other benefits include the possible off-label uses of the filler.

Even if you’re using this dermal filler on your face, you may also be inclined to rejuvenate other parts of your body. One of the more unique features of this filler is the fact that it can be used off-label on multiple areas of the body, including buttock and thigh augmentation, as well as the reduction of certain scars. What this means is that a single treatment may be the answer to all of your appearance-related concerns, whether those concerns are on the face or the body.

15. Who Are Good Candidates?

Patients who would like to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of a treatment that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as restore youthful volume to the skin, are likely good candidates for this treatment. Good candidates include those who want to:

  • Correct skin laxity
  • Plump the skin
  • Soften facial bones
  • Fill hollows of cheeks
  • Diminish nasolabila lines
  • Erase expression lines
  • Reduce chin wrinkles


Rejuvenate Your Beauty With Sculptra Aesthetic!

If you can only feel good when you know you look good, then finding an easy way to look good – and look good for a long time – is probably one of your top priorities. Rejuvenating your beauty with Sculptra makes looking and feeling good an easy task to accomplish. Contact Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN to schedule your consultation today.