Why Everyone in Nashville is Excited About Hair Restoration with FUE

Hair loss is an extremely common issue that affects millions of men and women in the United States. While some people have no problem with losing their hair, the vast majority of balding individuals have some self-confidence issues. Luckily, you do not have to accept the physical and emotional issues caused by hair loss. You can get a full head of hair again in no time with the right medical intervention. There are many ways to curtail hair loss in Nashville, but NeoGraft hair restoration with FUE is your best bet.

Why You Should Be Excited

It does not require much research to realize why everyone suffering from hair loss in the city of Nashville should be excited about NeoGraft hair restoration with FUE. This procedure precisely extracts individual hair follicle units to deliver amazing results without creating linear scars. The safety and precision of this hair restoration procedure also ensures an extremely easy recovery process. All of these major benefits simply cannot be achieved with another hair loss procedure.

What Will Happen During the Procedure?

The NeoGraft device will be used for the hair extraction process. Once the follicle units are extracted, the hairs will be sorted and separated based on their size. This process is necessary to provide a natural hairline. Once the hairs are extracted and sorted, the NeoGraft device is used to create the donor sites on your scalp. The appropriate hair follicle units are then implanted into the donor sites.

What Will Happen After Going Home?

You will not have to worry about major side effects or a lengthy recovery plan after undergoing hair restoration with FUE in Nashville. While you will be able to return to work relatively quickly, it is best to avoid strenuous activities for a set amount of time. You will have to be very gentle with your newly implanted hair for a set amount of time after the procedure. Avoid touching the scalp as much as possible during this time. You should start to notice significant hair growth in time.

NeoGraft hair restoration with FUE could reverse your hair loss with only one appointment. Start a new stage in your life by reaching out to Gold Skin Care Center to schedule your appointment at our office in Nashville. This treatment may be just what you have been looking for to achieve your goals for your hair. Contact us today to book your consultation!